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Someone who knows Java scripting please?

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Someone who knows Java scripting please?

Postby AzureKitsune » Thu Apr 05, 2012 12:15 am

I would like to start out by saying this IS NOT homework. I have posted on quite few sites before asking how to BSOD one account on a computer and I was told making a Java program is the best way to do it... Ill post THOSE links at the bottom for now. Heres my issue...

I need a program written or told how to write a program that does what I need it to. To do what I need it to do I was told to do the following:

"Step three write a java program that uses JFrame.setUndecorated(true); so that there is no borders on the window to allow resize or exit.
Step four assign the frames focus to"NULL" so that it will auto center, and define minimum dimensions aprox 20 pixels larger than the screen
Step five use the photo of your PC bluescreen as the background of said java program
step six define default behavior of the program to request focus and do not add a method to release focus
Step sever set browser homepage to \\C:\(your file location)\BSOD.JAR"

Someone else told me this:

"I personally don't know Java, so i can't help you with that part. But after you write the code, you can compile it into a .jar file. .jar is like a .exe, it's an execeutable command (i.e. it's a file that performs an action rather than stores data). You can set the "home page" of the browser to the file path of this .jar, so when you open the browser, it'll run the program, which pops up and irremovable full screen picture of the BSOD."

Then someone else gave me this code but I got no clue what it does or how to use it:

//Transparent mouse cursor Toolkit toolkit = Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit(); Point theSpot = new Point(0,0); BufferedImage cursorImage = new BufferedImage(1, 1, BufferedImage.TRANSLUCENT); Cursor invisibleCursor = toolkit.createCustomCursor(cursorImage, theSpot, "InvisibleCursor"); [your frame here].setCursor(invisibleCursor);

The places were I got his info? Here: ... st71521624 ... 355AAKEe9M

And thats about all. Can anyone help me please?
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