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Mac G Drive "corrupted and unreadable" suddenly on win7 Help

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Mac G Drive "corrupted and unreadable" suddenly on win7 Help

Postby skyheretic » Fri May 24, 2013 11:36 pm

Hello everyone, please help if possible.

I have a mac G drive that I've been using on my windows 7 64bit PC with "Macdrive" program. Everything was fine and I was trying to use the drive to copy a movie over to my girlfriend's PC laptop since I couldn't find a small thumb drive. So I copied the movie onto the G drive, then connected it via the same USB cable to my girlfriend's laptop and it was unable to read it. That's when I had remembered that this was the G drive and her laptop didn't have Macdrive so I used a different drive to do this afterwards.

However once I plugged this G drive back into my PC it no longer is readable and says "M:\ is not accessible. The disk structure is corrupted and unreadable." and it asks me if I want to reformat it when I first plug it in which ofcourse I don't want to do as it has important data on it.

When I rightclick on C:\ and hit "manage" then "disk management" the disk comes up as "online" and also as "healthy partition".

The disk is not skipping nor making any weird noises, I highly doubt that the disk suddenly got damaged, it seems that connecting it to my gf's laptop somehow screwed something up and now even Macdrive nor anything can open it on my computer. Please help!
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