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Hard drive compatibility

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Hard drive compatibility

Postby fibbonacci » Wed Sep 26, 2012 4:58 pm

This is a short question, I have a dell latitude d420, it only has a 60GB hard drive included, however recently I was at a yard sale and picked up a ipod classic that had no screen on it, so I got it for under twenty dollars, the hard drive included in the ipod classic seems to be functional and has 120GB of storage, when i got the proper connector and hooked it up, I attempted to install windows XP, the bios registered that the hard drive was connected, however the OS refuses to install, is there anything at all I could do to allow me to install and use windows XP properly on this hard drive? Also as a side note I got this laptop from a friend who neglected to give me the admin bios password, then moved away.
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