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2.5'' SATA Hard Drive Unresponsive

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2.5'' SATA Hard Drive Unresponsive

Postby WesWF99 » Fri Jul 27, 2012 3:32 am

Recently my dell Studio laptop died on me due to what I believe was water entering the circuits. After trying a number of things to fix the laptop I decided I was just going to buy a new PC.

I now have a Dell XPS 8500. When I attempted to put the old hard drive which is a hitachi 2.5'' SATA drive (Model:HTS723232L9A362) the drive is not recognized by my computer. I know that I had properly installed the drive because I also installed another Seagate drive into my new PC and it recognizes it just fine (I switched the drives around to make sure nothing was faulty all slots work just fine.)

After do a small amount of research I found one solution that seemed plausible but I do not know how to check/fix it. The drive I pulled out of my laptop was the C drive. When I put it into my XPS I did not use the main drive slot, I connected it through a secondary one (the one that my Seagate works just fine off of.) The solution I found said that my computer might not have given the drive a "name" i.e. D:\.

My first question here is would it automatically switch the drive from being seen as a C drive to a secondary drive when I plug it into my machine properly. If not how do I fix that as my laptop is not in working condition.

Secondly if the solution above does not work is it safe to assume that there's a mechanical issue with the drive due to the water?

And finally is it possible to get these documents back based on what I've told you here? If so I am assuming I will have to take the drive to someone with the proper equipment, any suggestions on good companies for these solutions?

*Note when I say the drive is unresponsive I mean when I open up "My Computer" the C:\ drive is there the D:\ drive is there (my Seagate drive I keep my movies on) but no other drive shows up. I am a Computer Science student that has always been known as the Computer person by all my peers and family when I grew up so I am fairly tech savvy but hard drive issues are something I have never encountered before.

Thanks for all help and advice offered in advance.
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Re: 2.5'' SATA Hard Drive Unresponsive

Postby Gecko » Sat Jul 28, 2012 2:08 am


Sounds to me like the HDD is dead, any amount of water can damage the HDD's circuit board if there was power put to it while it was wet.
It's best to look locally for a clean room data recover company, be aware, HDD recover is not cheap last time I was involved in a recover from a bad HDD it cost my client $900.00 to have the data recovered from the plater and copied to a new HDD.
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