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Welcome back once again

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Welcome back once again

Postby PCguy » Wed Jan 03, 2007 12:32 pm

Now that our site is up and running on it's new software, we all sit back and enjoy the new features.

Some things to keep in mind first.

1. You may have to delete your cookies to log on. I did some changes to hopefully prevent this, but if you are still having trouble logging into the site, try that.

2. I moved most of the avatars from the old site. However it wasn't a perfect move. Take a look at yours and see if you need to fix where it points to. If you hosted yours offsite it should still be fine.

Now for some of the new features.

1. We have a new feature called 'System'. It allows you to enter your system specifications in your profile. Now when you post a question, anyone wanting to help can simply click on your system button and all that information you supplied will be there. Handy!

2. We have a new Birthday feature. You can tell everyone when your birthday is (the year is optional :) ) and it will announce it on the front of the forums.

Features that will be in the near future:

1. I will be attempting to bring back the How-to section we had on the old site. I have to code it to work here.

2. An often used links block should make it's way back on the site as well.

3. New themes. We all love to be able to pick a look for the site that suits us, so I will be added more themes as we go along. If you would like to suggest any, feel free in our suggestion forum.

I hope you enjoy our little site.

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