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How to take a Screenshot

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How to take a Screenshot

Postby liljim » Thu Dec 16, 2004 11:27 pm

Q. How do I take a screenshot?

A. Taking a Screenshot

The following contains Step-by-Step instructions on taking a screenshot .All modern keyboards should have a “Print Screen” key, usually located near the “Insert”, “Delete”, “Home”, “End” keys.


In most cases, just pressing the “Print Screen” key alone is enough. With some systems you have to press “Alt” and “Print Screen” simultaneously. This will capture everything on the screen that you see at that time to your “clipboard”.

Next, will be to transfer your image from your clipboard to your graphic editor. In this example, I will be using Paint Shop Pro.

Open your graphic editor and in an empty area, right click and select “Paste as new Image”.


You should now see your screen shot in your graphic editor.


From here you can edit your image.The images used in this Tutorial have been resized by clicking “Image” and selecting “Resize”.


Set your size to whatever you prefer,8 x 10 is what was used here.


Finally ,save your new image by clicking “File” and selecting “Save As”.


Choose your location,file name and file type.Click “Save” and your done.


Side note:A FAQ on hosting and posting your image is in progress.

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