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Backing up a dvd

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Backing up a dvd

Postby venney » Sat Nov 27, 2004 12:13 am

Ok hers my guide to backing up DVD’s.
I have been reading around and it seems some people are doing it way to hard.
You will need a dvd reader, dvd writer, blank dvd, original dvd and some dosh to get the programs.

Programs needed:
AnyDVD -
CloneDVD2 -

Insert your movie you wish to back-up.
Run AnyDVD - this removes the copy protection and the region stuff on some dvd's.
Make sure the correct region is selected and the remove copy protection option is enabled.
Run clonedvd2.

You have 3 options

Copy dvd titles - copy one or more dvd titles from a dvd

Clone dvd - Clone dvd including all titles and menus

Write Existing Date - process or write DVD files and ISO/UDF images.

Choose which ever you are after.
DVD movies come in ether dvd5 format or dvd9 format, dvd5 you can copy to a 4.7 gig blank dvd and it will be same quality and that, but most dvd's are DVD 9 now.
If you want a perfect quality movie choose the first option so you will remove the menus and just keep the movie.
When choosing option one (Copy dvd titles) there is a bar to show what quality the picture will come out, the bigger the movie lower down the bar it will be. You can remove things like subtitles and optional languages to increase picture quality. You can do this just by un-ticking the extras.
Once you are happy with your movie settings you can ether burn straight to dvd or save the file as an iso (disk image) and burn it later.
Once burnt you will be able 2 play in your dvd player, and will have successfully backed-up your dvd.

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