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hi help my friend with his comp please guys :D

PostPosted: Thu Aug 05, 2004 2:30 pm
by robbro
Hi im writing on behalf of my friend, his got windows 98 and when he boots up a dos screen comes up on the desktop called AUTOEXEC.BAT. some batch file anyway, he showed me a screen shot and it loads up everytime he boots windows with some jibberish followed by "Bad Command or File Name". Any idea whats wrong because i havnt a clue , i thought his windows files might be corrupted but i aint sure please write back to me if you can guys, thanks , Rob.

PostPosted: Thu Aug 05, 2004 6:43 pm
by Restek
Autoexec.bat should be loaded each time - however it should be loaded before windows starts. Is this the case, or are you seeing it in a window after your windows desktop has loaded? The file is found in your c: drive - you can look at it in a text editor if you want & see what is causing the 'bad comman or file name' error.

PostPosted: Thu Aug 05, 2004 10:13 pm
by robbro
okay thanks fixed it :)