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Virus Removal Program not to be found

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Virus Removal Program not to be found

Postby fishoutofwater579 » Thu Jul 22, 2004 6:33 am

I have the Boot sector virus Monkey-2. I have researched it on the net and this site says that i need to get "SWEEP for DOS" which I can try to download but it will never connect to the FTP servers. Is there any other way other than the one suggested in this page to get rid of this pest?
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Postby liljim » Thu Jul 22, 2004 7:42 am

try this program called killmnk3Hopefully that will work but be warned that removal of this particular virus can be a pain.Here's a little more info on it

There are six different ways to remove the Monkey virus:

Purchase a Virus protection utility and have it clean the Virus, while not all virus protection programs are capable of removing this virus generally additional add-ons can be installed allowing the virus protection utility to remove the virus.

The original Master Boot Record and partition table can be restored from a backup taken before the infection. Such a backup can be made by using, for example, the MIRROR /PARTN command of MS-DOS
The hard disk can be repartitioned by using the FDISK program, after which the logical disks must be formatted. All data on the hard disk will consequently be lost, however.

The virus code can be overwritten by using FDISK /MBR, and the partition table restored manually. In this case, the partition values of the hard disk must be calculated and inserted in the partition table with the help of a disk editor. The method requires expert knowledge of the disk structure, and its success is doubtful. Usually this causes the current partitions to double causing more havoc.

It is possible to exploit Monkey's stealth capabilities by taking a copy of the zero track while the virus is active. Since the virus hides the changes it has made, this copy will actually contain the original Master Boot Record. This method is not recommendable, because the diskettes used in the copying may well get infected.

The original zero track can be located, decrypted and moved back to its proper place. As a result, the hard disk is restored to its exact original state. Some virus scanners have this capability, and can successfully remove the virus.

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